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What We Do


Today, global businesses seek a presence and relevance worldwide. That means communicating and navigating through a local marketplace, designing content using the local flavour, be it the language, unique customs or the ethnicity. Content localisation is something Noesis excels in. Here, committed professionals help companies, advertisement agencies and publishers devise strategies that will help present content to customers from any region across the globe, without losing the essence and yet being locally relevant. Noesis has an edge here, especially given its rich experience in offering such services to a wide range of businesses.

Our handling desktop applications include:
Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, MS Word, MS Publisher, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Imaging software like Illustrator, Photoshop and CorelDraw.
We provide clients with high quality deliverables for both print and digital purposes. Documents or files without the source are effectively recreated for future storage and re-use.


Noesis works closely with educational institutions, in helping develop and design text books and other course materials to cater to specific groups, from pre-KG to University courses. A team of learning solutions experts with years and years of experience in the higher education content development domain, helps in creating curriculum-based programmes that are in tune with the requirements of a customer.


For a project to have the highest level of quality output and be delivered on time, it requires a well-oiled project management team. At Noesis, our team boasts people with expertise in developing, planning and producing content, without compromising on quality and adhering to the delivery schedule.



The Rights and Procurement team at Noesis has the expertise and decades of experience when it comes to copyrights and licences. The team is well-equipped to cater to a customer’s every licensing need, including assessing content, be it in the print or digital format, to deem if copyrighted, followed by permissions procurement and contract review. We also offer solutions when it comes to negotiating with copyright holders for worldwide usage rights with minimal costs. Keeping up with the global copyright trends, we are also able to offer an insight into tracking and retaining copyrighted content as well as best practices in acquisition of permission



Keeping in mind the special needs of people with reading disabilities as well as the visually challenged when it comes to digital content, we, at Noesis, help businesses deliver content to make it facile for such people to perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with digital content.



We have taken the utmost care in grooming our graphics and art team to transform ideas into beautiful works of art using Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop, etc. The team it is adept at redrawing and re-labelling of any type of image, line, half-tone, combination, and colour graphics and creative/medical/technical illustrations, besides electronic art conversions from any format.

  • Redrawing and re-labelling of any type of image.
  • Line, half-tone, combination, and colour graphics.
  • Creative/Medical/Technical illustrations.
  • Electronic art conversions from any format.
  • Brochures, Flyers, Banners, Web marketing maker, Logo designing, catalogues, and Web designs.
  • Cover and layout design creation

About Us


Noesis is a one-stop destination for publishing and media production services.

Founded in 2017, Noesis is headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. We are a young-at-heart, enthusiastic team of experts in the content and media domain with decades of combined experience between us. We offer end-to-end services to companies dealing with publishing books, journals, catalogues, reference works and media production. We specialise in editing, digitizing and ingesting content to various distribution channels through robust processes and technologies. Transparent, tech savvy, tractable and fun to work with… that’s Noesis for you.

We, at Noesis are committed to deliver professional services that are in tune with publishers’ requirements, which in turn would help them deliver compelling and superior quality content to their customers.

Why Noesis

At Noesis, communication is the key to understanding customer needs and offering the services efficiently and to the fullest extent. When you connect with the Noesis team, a new relationship is forged where transparency, loyalty and commitment become our cornerstones. Even at the outset, you will get a complete run-through of every process involved to help enhance and shape your product to suit your needs. For us, customer experience is of the utmost importance.

To put that motto into action, we have a dedicated expert team involved in developing, planning and producing content that is in tandem with a publisher’s or author’s requirements. All this, while maintaining the highest quality and delivery schedule.

Our team believes in focused and in-depth conversations to clearly understand what a publisher/authors requires and comprehend every unique need of theirs before putting a plan into action. Problem solving, analysis, quick responses to plan changes throughout the development process, specialised services… Our team is always there to assist you.

A collaboration between the publishers/authors and the Noesis team is an evolving exercise where we travel together to build a long-lasting relationship, where accountability and trust are built over time, and create a partnership that is productive and beneficial to all the stakeholders.